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£6.5m Community Link PLUS funding success for Inverness City Active Travel Network


Witteveen+Bos UK is delighted to announce that its client, The Highland Council (Unitary Authority Scotland), has been successful in its funding bid to deliver large parts of its Inverness City Active Travel Network over the coming years.

Our client’s competition entry includes concept designs visualisations for Dutch-inspired cycling infrastructure on Millburn Road, Bucht Road and in the Kessock area of the city. The new infrastructure, which includes cycle tracks and so-called ‘cycle-streets’ will transform city streets into places for people, with new landscaping, sustainable urban drainage, tree planting and separate infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

Proposals include a Dutch-style turbo-roundabout, the first of its kind in Scotland, and new pedestrian pavement and separate cycle tracks on the Millburn Road. Dutch infrastructure will also be developed on Abban Street and Bucht Road.

The projects are part and parcel of the city’s ambitious city-wide active travel network, which is designed to make active, healthy, low-carbon travel feel safer and more accessible and inviting to the city’s residents. The network will improve access to education and jobs and create new opportunities for tourism, strengthening Inverness’ importance as the gateway to the Highlands.

Feedback from extensive public and stakeholder engagement was used to develop the early concept designs. These will now be worked up in more detail with further engagement to come. This will be a great opportunity for local people to become even more involved in the design of the final product!