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Mobility plan Riga and Pieriga (04-01-2010)

The Latvian Ministry of Transport awarded Witteveen+Bos the development of the mobility plan for Riga and Pieriga. The goal of the mobility plan is to determine a development vision and pertaining necessary actions in order to promote the unified development of traffic

Filyos sea port (04-01-2010)

At the end of 2008 the Central Finance and Contracts Unit of the Government of Turkey signed the contract with a consortium comprising Witteveen+Bos to execute preparatory services for a port on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, east of the village of Filyos. The beneficiary is the

A link between Denmark and Germany (04-01-2010)

An international consortium consisting of Rambøll, ARUP and Tunnel Engineering Consultants (TEC) has acquired the contract to design a 19 km long immersed tunnel between Denmark and Germany. Winning this project has reinforced TEC (a consortium consisting of Royal Haskoning,

Algae farming to develop new water treatment concept (04-01-2010)

To produce algae as biomass based on wastewater streams has a lot of potential. It depends on the quality of the produced algae if they can be used as food or as animal feed. Algae also contain raw materials for producing bioplastics, resins and oils. Moreover, they can be used

Bridge-tunnel combination in China (01-01-2010)

TEC has joined up with international parties to advise the Chinese government on the design and construction of a 35 km long bridge-tunnel combination in the south of China. Besides TEC the consortium comprises American and Chinese engineering agencies.

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