Development and design of urban areas

Urban (re)development and (re)design is taking place more and more frequently nowadays, both small-scale and large-scale. This can be attributed to a number of different scenarios, including apartments which no longer fulfil current demands, business locations which can no longer be sold or leased out, dilapidation and (social) danger, and aboveground and underground infrastructure in need of replacement. These projects are often complex, involving many stakeholders (e.g. municipal authorities, real estate owners, residents, employees) and complicated planning and logistical procedures, for which it can prove difficult to secure funding.

Witteveen+Bos can provide the support required during the preparation and implementation phase of (re)development and (re)design projects by assembling a project team of economists, urban planners, engineers, traffic experts and ecologists. All aspects are addressed during the consultancy process in order to facilitate the area’s regeneration to a state of growth and prosperity:

  • financial feasibility
  • soil decontamination
  • vehicular access and parking
  • green spaces and play areas
  • sewer systems and open water
  • urban development and landscape
  • culture
  • construction planning and logistics
  • supervision and project management