Environmental impact reports

Since the late 1980s, environmental impact reports and exploratory surveys have been a key instrument in the Netherlands for fully addressing environmental interests in decision-making and as a platform for communicating and for streamlining procedures. Environmental impact reports and exploratory surveys undergo constant change in terms of legislation, content and process. We believe that environmental impact reports and exploratory surveys present excellent opportunities at the strategic and project levels to test initiatives for their embedding and for capitalising on environmental opportunities and communicating with stakeholders.

Witteveen+Bos is keen to support public authorities and private enterprises in these processes and this is precisely what we have been doing since the late 1980s. We make a clear distinction between content, process and procedures. Vision, clarity and resolve are reflected by our approach to projects, witness the more than 175 final reports that we have produced.

In constructive consultation with our clients, we guarantee the customisation of every project. Our consultants take the initiative to tailor-make our projects. We examine the local situation in terms of the prevailing policy and also physically, administratively/politically and socially. To set up an effective process we properly demarcate the scope (i.e. reach and level of detail) of the impact on the environment and we consciously limit the alternatives in a responsible manner. We strive to achieve a good balance between content, participation (social and administrative) and legal feasibility.