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Filyos sea port

At the end of 2008 a consortium comprising Witteveen+Bos signed the contract to execute various preparatory services for a port on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, just east of the village of Filyos. The idea is to develop an entirely new sea port as close as possible to Ankara. The beneficiary is the Turkish Ministry of Transport, the project is financed by EuropeAid.

The existing ports in the region are too limited in their possibilities to expand. Near the village of Filyos a port of 500 hectare will be constructed. It enables the cargo flows between Ankara and Russia to follow the shortest possible route, via Filyos. This will contribute to a reduction of the traffic in the overcrowded Bosporus straits. Furthermore, it is expected that the port will stimulate the developments in the surroundings of Filyos. Another effect could be the emergence of a north-south transport flow across Turkey, the so-called 'land bridge' between Filyos and the port of Mersin, situated on the Mediterranean southern coast of Turkey. In view of the combination of interests the Turkish government considers the implementation of the port of great strategic importance.

Variety of activities

The assignment covers a variety of activities, such as:

  • field investigations
  • transport-economic study
  • master plan
  • financial-economic feasibility study
  • environmental impact assessment
  • preparation of detailed designs and tender documents
  • advice on the future institutional/operational set-up and the tendering strategy


With this assignment we confirm our leading position in the field of ports and waterways and it gives us the opportunity of a long-term presence in Turkey. For this project we joined forces with NIRAS, our Danish partner in the strategic European network SEEN. The consortium was complemented by Dutch companies NEA and Pharos and METU University from Ankara.