Geotechnical engineering

Geotechnical engineering is a field of work that embraces the specialisations of foundation engineering and soil mechanics. These disciplines are an essential part of almost every project in our line of consultancy. Working in the ground and with earth involves risks, sometimes with enormous consequences. Thinking in terms of geotechnical risks and controlling them is a hugely important part of our everyday work.

Witteveen+Bos is a geotechnical leader in the Netherlands and internationally. Our staff have mastered the entire geotechnical spectrum:

  • earthquake engineering
  • vibration effects
  • pile-driving analyses
  • cofferdam design plans
  • foundation designs for hydraulic engineering, buildings and infrastructural structures
  • offshore and onshore, soft soil engineering
  • design of dams, flood defences and other earth structures
  • subsidence analyses
  • advice on how to prepare roads and sites for construction
  • thrust-bores, controlled boring and other pipeline work
  • film structures
  • monitoring techniques
  • 3-D earth profiles
  • advanced 3-D modelling using Plaxis and Diana
  • advice on arbitral proceedings