Hydraulic engineering

Our services offered in this field cover a wide range of specialist and engineering advice with respect to design and maintenance of coastal structures, river training works, artificial islands and land reclamation. The services are complemented with dedicated in-house software and with expertise of hydraulic and morphological specialists. Decades of international experience are combined with state-of-the-art knowledge that is continuously being improved through our involvement in research programmes.

Coastal structures and shoreline engineering
Sea defences and breakwaters are often required to protect valuable infrastructure or reclaimed harbour area. An economic design integrates safety and stability with constructability and with optimal embedment in the existing environment. As for shoreline maintenance, solutions that make use of natural processes and materials are often most durable. Services include studies, design and project management for:
• dikes, revetments and sea defences
• bed, bank, and shoreline protection
• breakwaters
• sand nourishments, beach restoration.

River engineering and inland waterways
In densely populated delta’s, rivers combine multiple functions. Apart from their primary function to discharge increasing peak water volumes towards the sea, rivers also have important logistical and recreational functions. The challenge is to merge functions while maintaining safety against floods and at the same time preserving or restoring ecological values. Our services include:
• river improvement studies
• design of river training works
• inland waterway transport studies
• flood risk mapping
• flood plain restoration.