Licences and overseeing of plans

In the Netherlands each day sees the start of activities that impact on the surroundings. These activities are subject to licensing and sometimes require multiple licenses. A licence grants permission under a law or regulation to develop an activity. Licences typically have to be obtained along the critical path. A licensing process that goes wrong can have major consequences, often of a financial nature. This makes it imperative to request all licences properly and timely and, above all, to keep the overall picture in mind and monitor deadlines. At the same time, the public wants an insight into and consultation about plans subject to licensing, so the procedures must be prepared and observed carefully. Witteveen+Bos has in house specialists in the Dutch licensing and overseeing of plans. They support project initiators in applying for licences and authorities in granting them. Overseeing plans is a question of supervising and requesting all licences needed for a plan, such as the design and building of infrastructure, alteration of a business establishment, reconfiguration of an area and so on.

Specialists in licences

Due to changing rules it has always been and will remain complex to apply for licences and monitor the process, despite government efforts to simplify procedures. To carry out these tasks properly, we possess a variety of different expertises in the fields of the environment, spatial planning, governmental legal issues and, last but not least, the capability to cooperate. A Witteveen+Bos hallmark is our multidisciplinary approach to projects. Our licensing specialists are involved in many of these multifaceted projects.