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Mining Area Rehabilitation and Environmental Control

MAREC provides instruments and concepts for sustainable mining through the entire mining life cycle. MAREC is a consortium shaped around four internationally operating companies:

  • Royal Eijkelkamp Earth Sampling Group
  • IHC Mining
  • Milan Innovincy
  • Witteveen+Bos

Their combined expertise covers the full spectrum of environmental management capacities required for safe and responsible, sustainable mining; from exploration and design, through operations to closure. Together, these companies represent a unique combination of cutting edge innovations which open the way towards improved environmental control and more profitable mining. The MAREC consortium partners align and combine their research and development agendas, co-invest in system innovations and together provide tailor-made solutions for your mining problems.

The MAREC associated parties

Unique to the MAREC partnership is a close circle of second tier associated parties. Closely cooperating with the consortium, this group consists of professionals and institutes, active in academia and industry, providing top end expertise in mining and mining related issues.

Mining - the challenge

Providing access to all materials that are not grown, mining embodies a fundamental base to human society and economy. Responding to ever growing human development and progress, the mining sector faces the challenge to satisfy the demand for raw materials and energy as well as to keep the impacts of mining in check. The MAREC team responds to challenges related to sustainable mining through the entire life cycle:

  • area selection and analysis
  • mining strategy
  • environmental and social impact
  • area restoration

MAREC services

The MAREC partners have unique knowledge and experience related to mining. Among other things, we provide the following services:

  • field studies, surveys, overburden and ore characterisation
  • real time intelligence based decision support systems
  • intelligence based process and environmental engineering
  • monitoring
  • training and education

The MAREC business case

The MAREC consortium believes the right solution is found by asking the right question. Rooted in fundamental knowledge on mining and the environment, the MAREC approach starts by acknowledging that every problem is unique through its own context and circumstances. Through system analysis, the key issues are identified, isolated and targeted using fast innovative procedures. Solving technological and environmental bottlenecks, the MAREC approach will turn your business case beneficial for all parties involved.