The Witteveen+Bos approach

Every project has its own particular dynamics and requires an approach directed towards achieving the goal. Drawing on the expertise and culture of Witteveen+Bos we have developed our own approach to projects. It enables us to serve our clients optimally and to set ourselves apart from other consultancy and engineering firms.

Independent consultants

Our prime consideration is to provide our client with the best solution without losing sight of the social context. We devise feasible and acceptable concepts and we design solutions that are technically practicable and reliable. Building, financing and managing the works are matters that we leave to other market parties with whom we partner to provide top-class total solutions.


A solid relationship of trust with the client is a precondition for offering a good consultancy product or reliable solution. We are expert, reliable and committed. Impartiality and integrity are hallmarks of our consultants.

Company identity

Witteveen+Bos is growing organically, driven by its own strengths. Our growth reinforces our identity and secures considerable commitment among our employees. Internal communication and interdepartmental links occur naturally within our organisation because of the solidarity that exist. Our employees have a passion for their work, are experts and do not shy away from looking at projects differently.

Integral project approach

Complex issues call for an integral approach using various disciplines. As well as technical expertise we possess expertise in costs and financing, process control, legal aspects and behavioural sciences. An integral approach to each project is assured by our organisational structure that is built upon closely cooperating product-market combinations. Cooperation between different kinds of experts and different offices occurs naturally because there are no bureaucratic barriers within our organisation. If we lack a particular kind of expertise in-house we generally cooperate with specialised organisations or engage external experts for distinct projects. Collaborating with other companies that have different cultures and adopting different approaches have a stimulating and invigorating effect and often yield new ideas and insights.

Process management

Witteveen+Bos is increasingly involved in developing plans, providing advice to facilitate decision-making, overseeing processes and advising on management, organisation and managed services. Work of this kind requires special kinds of consultancy skills. Prerequisites are the ability to grasp the situation, work with stakeholders in a politico-administrative environment and come up with creative solutions that respect each other's interests as fully as possible. Effective consultancy is assured by the extensive experience of Witteveen+Bos in addressing legal procedures and policy processes, combined with our technical expertise and multidisciplinary support.


We do not claim to be able to carry out all projects entirely on our own. Over the years we have learned as a flexible player how to form the strongest team with other parties and we frequently take on the role of initiator and lead contractor. Our partners and clients are appreciative of the way we line up as a team player, one that is aware of its limitations as well as its strengths.


Innovation is vitally important to an engineering firm in today's market. Our clients expect us to have state-of-the-art technology in-house and they expect us to use it. We have to go the extra mile and put forward new solutions to solve the client’s problems in order to stand out from the rest in the marketplace. In our everyday work, innovation is not so much a question of making inventions. It is about putting new developments to practical use and creatively incorporating existing technologies in new applications. This requires a creative mind and a broad outlook on the world.

People's work

The basis for devising solutions that are feasible, practicable, economical and sustainable is the expertise possessed by our staff. In the first instance we select our employees according to their expertise in a particular subject. From there it is important for them to develop their competences further through on-the-job training and a variety of skill-building courses. By making substantive and personal development prime objectives, we are able to work out the best solutions for our clients.

Corporate social responsibility

Our recommendations and designs can impact significantly on society. While our consultancy is provided with a view to serving the client’s interests, we never lose sight of the social context. In the process of providing our services, we are keenly aware that our consultancy or design may affect parties other than our client. We always take this into account when carrying out contracted work and we make sure that in addition to fulfilling our clients’ wishes our products are also socially responsible.

We have tailored our business processes to fit our corporate social responsibility and we report each year on the progress that we are making.