Traffic and transport

Constantly increasing mobility gives rise to a raft of different issues for administrators and for experts. Traditionally, the central issue has always been the accessibility of facilities and the handling of traffic. Various traffic-related problems also figure prominently. These concern such matters as intrusive parked vehicles, traffic safety and the relationship with spatial development and the environment (issues like noise abatement and air quality).

Witteveen+Bos advises clients across the full spectrum of traffic and transport consultancy. We offer a host of services that run all the way from exploratory surveys, feasibility studies and policy memorandums to the actual construction of traffic and transport facilities. We advise in such diverse sub-fields as regional planning, dynamic traffic management, public transport, parking and road safety. Even more than in the past we search for new, innovative techniques and concepts or forward-looking approach. In the projects that we undertake we adopt an integral approach, one that unites first-rate technical expertise and adept management of the project and its processes.