Wastewater treatment

The large wastewater treatment plants at Amsterdam-West and the Hague-Harnaschpolder, the treatment of sewage and stormwater in Tilburg, the advanced effluent post-treatment in Rijnland and Horstermeer are all signature projects in the world of wastewater. Take for example the 1-STEP® filter, a modular and compact fixed-bed activated carbon filter that simultaneously and effectively reduces the concentrations of total suspended solids, phosphorus, nitrogen, heavy metals, and priority and emerging substances in effluent.

Thanks to more than 35 years’ experience of treatment systems in the Netherlands and other countries, Witteveen+Bos is excellently qualified to conduct these contracts. What's more, these projects are evidence of our approach, one in which proven concepts and new technologies play an important role.

Our work in the wastewater field spans the entire spectrum of transport and treatment systems. We provide services on:

  • strategic assessment and feasibility studies
  • design and construction supervision of wastewater treatment infrastructure
  • coordination of tender process and contract negotiation
  • applied research and development of new technologies
  • training and hands-on operations support

Our projects span a considerable range in terms of their nature and size. Besides major construction projects, we work on studies and research assignments. Our projects can be found in the Netherlands and far beyond at places like Romania, Aruba and Kazakhstan.