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Mining is a very diverse field of operation, taking place in all parts of the world and under all kinds of conditions. Depending on the mined commodity, a range of disciplines is involved, from groundwater modelling to transport infrastructure, operating in various steps of the mining value chain. Engineering services are needed in every step of the mining cycle, from exploration and feasibility through closure and rehabilitation.

Integrated solutions for water and environment

Water and the environment play an important role in almost every phase of a mining project. Most mining processes require large quantities of water of adequate quality. The resulting waste water generally needs to be treated, in order to comply to (national) regulations and to conduct mining in a responsible manner.

Protection of groundwater and surface water is of utmost importance for the mining industry and its neighbouring communities. Contaminated and affected areas of past mining activities require closure, often including treatment and rehabilitation. Offshore and dredge mining are, of course, also areas where water and (marine) environment play an important role. These are just a few examples where the specialists from Witteveen+Bos provide added value. Our business units in the area of water and environment have proven to provide solutions for our clients’ challenges and move their business forward.