Walking and cycling infrastructure

Witteveen+Bos has developed a great deal of expertise when it comes to walking and cycling infrastructure. Anyone who has visited the Netherlands could attest to the intricate networks of infrastructure especially designed for cyclists and pedestrians. It allows them to travel safely and quickly.

Resilient infrastructure

Witteveen+Bos UK Ltd is a resilient infrastructure team with a focus on walking, cycling and air pollution. Our UK team is supported by Dutch colleagues with specialist expertise in cycling, air pollution implementation plans, nature-based infrastructure and multi-modal transport interchanges. We also try to involve stakeholders in innovative ways, e.g. the designs to be seen in VR for London Boulevard, as part of the London Cycling Campaign, last year. Recent UK projects include the Inverness City Active Travel Network, design and VR of a Cycle Street for the Highland Council, York Castle Gateway Masterplan with BDP and WSP, an LCWIP for East Hampshire District Council, and a series of Inspiration Studies for Cycling UK.


The iWalk – innovations in inclusive walking project was developed through a 16-month secondment in Bristol City Council which explored ways to better embed inclusive walking in day-to-day transport operations. The project takes an equalities approach, focusing on the needs of older adults, disabled people and children. These groups could gain the greatest health benefits of walking more, but also represent the greatest potential modal shift from car travel.